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Welcome to Windsor, Ontario

Windsor Limos welcomes you to Ontario! We're the best known and best loved limousine rental company in this area of Canada, and we are absolutely thrilled that you would consider us to provide the transportation for your trip to our beautiful city. We know that when you rent a limousine, it is an event that you really find special, and that you would never want anything less than the very best for your big day or big night. Whether your party is an intimate gathering or the biggest bash, we want to make sure that the transportation part of the event is completely taken care of for you in the very best way possible. Let Windsor Limos remove the guesswork and provide you with the sensational experience that you seek.

Windsor Limos has a lot full of pristine limousine vehicles for you to choose from, centered on the two forerunners of the limousine world, the Lincoln Town Car limo and the Escalade limo. We feel that these two limos really represent the two main types of party styles. Whether you call those styles elegant versus modern, traditional versus cutting-edge, or classic versus revolutionary, you know that one of those two essential limos will serve you very well when you're traveling in Windsor, Ontario. Windsor Limos typically suggests a Lincoln Town Car limo for professional events and lovely wedding days, and a Escalade limo for wild bachelor and bachelorette parties and nights out on the town. If capacity is your top concern, the Lincoln seats 10 and the Escalade seats 20.

Canada has never looked more lovely than it does from behind the dark tinted privacy glass of our luxurious limousines. Let Windsor Limos take you everywhere you need to go in Windsor, all the while enjoying the luxury of our built-in bars with coolers, our large screen HDTVs with DVD players, and our incredible sound systems that play both CDs and iPods or MP3 players. Simply relax and enjoy the ride while our professional chauffeurs escort you around Ontario in style. Enjoy browsing our website and get in touch with us whenever you'd like to make your plans official and set the date for transportation for your big event. Thank you for considering Windsor Limos!

Our limo service in Winsor, Ontario also extends to the united states. We can also set up limousine service in many different cities you might need transportation. For companies providing limo service contact Pittsburgh Limo.

Events in Windsor

Bar hopping
Prom & homecoming
Sporting events
Bachelor parties
Bachelorette parties

We serve all the wildest events here in Windsor and beyond! We want you to know that you can always rely on us to provide transportation for your most exciting events. While we strongly recommend booking your bus as early as possible so that we have the best vehicle selection available for you, we will also do everything in our power to accommodate you even when you call at the very last minute. We've even had customers call who need us to take them out for a night of bar hopping in less than an hour from their call, and when there is a vehicle and a chauffeur available, we send them out immediately! We want you to feel that we're really right there for you whenever you need us, so just reach out and give us a call and let's take care of tonight's event for you!

It doesn't matter what you're planning, whether it's something elegant like a wedding or prom or homecoming, or something really crazy and fun like a bachelorette party or bachelor party or a night of bar hopping and pub crawls! Concerts and sporting events are also made so much better by the right transportation, which we firmly believe is a party bus! You want to be in total comfort on the road, living it up in style while you cruise the streets, allowing your chauffeur to be the only one who concerns themselves with traffic and navigation. Parking becomes a complete afterthought because you get dropped off and picked back up right at the door! Nothing but good times, period. Party in between destinations, feel like a million bucks.

What you may not know unless you have traveled in a party bus before is that drinking on board is completely legal and we feature built-in bars with ice and cups. All you have to do is make a quick pit stop at your favorite liquor store and grab all your favorite drinks to serve to your group! You'll be the best bartender ever and you'll have such a good time. If you want to make it super easy, choose something premixed or some beer or wine! Champagne is a wonderful choice too and we do include one bottle with your wedding package, so if you're tying the knot, you can definitely look forward to toasting with some bubbly!

Maybe you've got a birthday coming up or maybe your teen is celebrating their prom or homecoming. Maybe you're attending a concert or a sporting event and you want to have the ultimate tailgating our tour bus style party experience before, heading out to the hottest bars and nightclubs after! There's just nothing like the luxurious experience that we can provide, and we even have such smart pricing that allows you to save as much money as possible while fully enjoying yourself and feeling like a total VIP!

Whatever you're planning, or even if you have nothing specific to celebrate but you just want to have the night of your life in one of our buses for no reason at all, give us a call tonight!

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