Service Area

The service area of Windsor Limos covers the entire surrounding area of Windsor. On this page, you can see a map of the general area that we serve as well as a detailed list that covers our most often traveled areas. Note that just because you don't see a particular city listed here doesn't mean that Windsor Limos cannot take you there. Simply give us a call or send us an email to confirm any locations that you do not see listed here.

Cities and towns that Windsor Limo Serves





Windsor City

Wards that Windsor Limo Serves

Ward 1, South(west) Windsor, incl. Roseland, Ojibway Park, and Windsor Raceway

Ward 2, West Windsor, incl. University District and Old Sandwich Towne

Ward 3, Central Windsor, incl. City Centre, Via Italia, and South Central

Ward 4, Walkerville and South Walkerville

Ward 5, East Windsor and Ford City, incl. western Fountainbleau

Ward 6, Old Riverside, incl. Little River Acres (The Villages) and Pilette Village

Ward 7, Forest Glade and East Riverside

Ward 8, Eastern Fountainbleau, incl. Roseville Gardens and East Windsor

Ward 9, South Windsor, incl. Devonshire Heights, Windsor Airport, and Old Sandwich South

Ward 10, South Cameron and Remington Park communities

Out of Area, Flint