We're here to answer your questions! Below are just a few of the most frequent questions that Windsor Limos receives from our new customers. If you don't see your question listed just give us a call! We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year! We can be reached any time day or night!

  1. Can we travel to Detroit?

    At this time, we do not offer transportation services outside of Canada.

  2. Can we smoke in the limousine?

    No, we do not allow smoking in our vehicles.

  3. Can we drink in the limousine?

    Yes! There are built-in bars with coolers for that purpose! Keep in mind, that you must bring your own alcohol on board, we cannot provide alcohol for you.

  4. Are all ages allowed in the limos?

    As long as there is no alcohol on board, yes. All passengers must be of legal drinking age to have alcohol on board the vehicle.

  5. Can you pick up all my guests at their homes?

    Yes, we offer pick up and drop off services for all guests.

  6. Do you offer any special event packages?

    For weddings, we offer lots of exciting perks and deals. Call for details!

  7. Can we bring our own music for the trip?

    Of course! If you'd rather enjoy something aside from AM/FM radio, you can absolutely play CDs or hook up your iPod or MP3 player! Our limousines amazing sound systems!

  8. Can we bring DVDs to watch while we drive?

    Absolutely! Our limos feature several HDTVs with DVD players for your enjoyment!

  9. How many passengers can we bring with us?

    This depends on the vehicle you choose. For example, our Lincoln Town Car holds up to 10 guests and our Hummer holds up to 18.

  10. Can we rent multiple limousines?

    You can rent as many as you like, but be sure to call early so we're not booked!

  11. Do we need to make a deposit?

    Yes, we do require a small deposit at the time of booking. The deposit can be made over the phone or via email to secure your date.

  12. I'm on a tight budget. Can I make this work?

    Our staff is full of experts who can whittle down the price for you. We take several factors into consideration when we custom-build your quote so we can give you accurate pricing. Call today!